Think first, then make. Not make and then shoehorn thinking.


Throwaway culture, materiality and aesthetics,

Theatricality, arranging and magpie assemblages of ephemera,

Formalist sensibilities.

Virtuality and screen like sensibilities.


Moving forward, I want to return to some old ideas I had shelved, particularly using the digital as a tool to create material/immaterial movements and construct a sensibility of digital experiences and disseminations.

(a post internet make it through real materials physical, in tandem with digital processes)

Finding a physical material relationship to that experience, which is essentially a screen experience.

And somehow fuse that with aestheticised excesses of material culture and actions…

New methods of consumption and control.

It can be argued that items are only effective as to how far they can be scattered in this ‘attention economy’.

Our attitudes and expectations towards the material environment is one of migrating form, connectedness, proprioceptive surfaces; the capacity to continually alter via the screen has informed the everyday.

Objects can seem fluid and interlaced rather than solidly inert. The physical permeates through the digital and vice versa, creating interwoven dialogues.

With ever advancing technology and production processes, the intermingling and cross sampling occurring between physical and digital is pushed faster and further.


some artists I’m looking at right now

Amy Brener


Crabtree and Evans


Phillip Stearns


Lora Nikolaeva Nikolova