Is this art? Today I transferred my frottaging skills to HMP Holloway red brick prison wall and the result is a 3m lead rubbing on canvas.  (My last rubbing  was on paper of the Ships’ bollard at Chelsea). I am aiming for ‘naturalness’ in the artwork, with no ‘forcing of ideas’ making it more accessible to an the audience by not putting art into it. You can see it now installed in the studio and judge. (Ambitious project really wanted me abseilling the full 30foot height of this boundary wall…)

HMP Holloway site-specific piece was as ephemeral as in the time it took to realise. As fleeting as the transient conversation I had with an elderly down-at-heal gentleman (and his dog) who stopped for an inquisitive exchange about my rubbing on the wall, Here is the wall, here history, history leaves traces, traces of previous occupation, objects and markers, mapping of the area, working the boundary, reinforcing authority.

In my research on women prisoner’s at Holloway and locked up suffragettes, I discovered an ex St Martin’s UAL artist in connection with Jeremy Bentham and feminism. I am quite excited by the work of Cristina Clackson Bonnington, She is a critically-minded multidisciplinary artist whose work challenges the status quo. I am interested in her feminist works related to suffrage.

She currently has a three year touring show ‘House of  Doors’.

Cristina Clackson Bonnington ‘Leg’


Annabel Ludovici Gray