Started as a tagger on the streets and trains of NYC and then crossing over between performance and street art creating his own universe, his own reality.

Prevalent in the 80’s his artworks and costumes are hip hop, street, pop and tech inspired, created from trash, toys, images and found objects from the streets of NYC often spray painted/ painted and modified. They are the visual representations of his own personal mythology with gods based on scifi, horror, language, philosophy, mathematics and quantum physics.

Heres an amazingly confusing interview with one of his fictional prophets CRUX the monk https://youtu.be/c6XMBvo8S1U imbued with cryptic philosophy

He also saw language as a technology, creating his own language to deconstruct english as a form of liberation with the objective of transcending the ‘digital divide’ between developed and developing countries.

His name Rammellzee stylised RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ is said to be derived from RAM plus M for Magnitude, Sigma (Σ) the first summation operator, first L – longitude, second L – latitude, Z – z-bar, Σ, Σ – summation from ‘Excerpts from Rammellzee’s ICONIC TREATISE GOTHIC FUTURISM’  (http://post.thing.net/node/3086)

As he was born into a black human body he was associated with the afrofuturist movement and for the commonality of using language as a technology. But in an interview for ‘Hip-Hop Futurism: Remixing Afrofuturism and the Hermeneutics of Identity’ https://digitalcommons.ric.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.co.uk/&httpsredir=1&article=1018&context=honors_projects  has said “there is no such thing as Afro Futurism” and preferred to be under his own term ‘gothic futurism’

Read (and try to understand) ‘Excerpts from Rammellzee’s ICONIC TREATISE GOTHIC FUTURISM’  (http://post.thing.net/node/3086) for more infos..

blair zaye