If we could name this era after a character, it would be the Cheshire Cat.

As the quality and quantity of dystopian trend actually improves in dark epochs we are left with a desensitized romantic aspect our identities death .

Death is  becoming a lifestyle through not only the emergence of gruesome depictions and the dystopian science fiction but also through teenage dramas that promote death through a romantic point of view, creating cults of teenagers wanting to live a gruesome fairytale detached from reality. Examples  of teenage literature books/movies like “the fault in our stars” or “Me before you” promote an illusionary aspect of romantic death creating cults of teenagers that wish to live this scenario.

The so called romanticisation of negative realities, maybe helps those who are  experiencing them to see a brighter future but also creates a desensitised new generation leaning into Destrudo.

Violence and Death have their own kind of power.and human kind is always attracted to power, ergo are attracted to Death.


Likewise, the new generation is expressing how they see the future using the internet, joking about dying. Creating trends as eating toxic laundry pods,snorting cocaine-like soaps or drinking engineering oil. As this trend is caused by the widespread financial insecurity and mass disillusionment with contemporary social and political affairs of the 21st century, millennials have inherited the negative externalities experiencing a death of their personal identity creating  nihilistic and absurd memes that joke about dying in an effort to articulate their grievances.


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Irene Pouliassi / Eirini Pouliasi