I always feel my paintings are too flat. In order to deal with the problem, sometimes I would just stick some objects on the canvas or put on more layers to enrich the paintings. Still, I don’t feel it’s enough for me. But to give up paintings and only go with sculptures can’t solve my problem either. It’s because sometimes my sculptures can’t 100% represent the world I want to create within my works.

Recently, I went to some galleries and really found some nice examples of what I want to do within my paintings.

One of it is a painting at Peter Doig’s solo exhibition at Michael Warner Gallery. This space he create within the painting is really distort but really make sense in some way.

He did lots of practice to build the space and I found it interesting the dimension he create within the paintings.

Another example is Eddie Peake’s exhibition at white cube. He sort of turns the space into a epic club. What fascinated me is the way he put the lights on his works. All the paintings are showing in the room with pink lightening around and they put two extra spot lights for each of the painting. The spotlights really made the paintings more vivid and really created a stereoscopic feeling in the work.

And Rachael Howard’s painting at Newport Street Gallery. She made the surface of her works very flat but did a lot of layers under the paintings. I think it’s the gloss and the acrylic paint form a strong contrast between makes the depth of the work.

I am still trying to build my way of painting, and the experiment will never stop……..


Weichung lu