Today I’ve been playing with plasticine….though for some strange reason the brand is called “Newplast.” It looks, smells and feels just like the plasticine I recall from childhood, so I don’t see what’s so new about it. As I type this I realise how dull it sounds, how boring, how…..yes, I’m going to say it…..uninteresting. And as I type that last word, a thought occurs to me that the word “interesting” has become really very boring. I hear it everywhere, I hear myself saying it and I’ve got to the point where I find the very notion of the word tedious and irritating. So, I’ve decided to take a stand against being interesting. I will no longer conform to trying to be interesting. If you think my work is boring, tell me so, I won’t mind at all, in fact I might even take it as a compliment. Anyway, time to get back to playing around….