Sothebys Came around and asked me for sculptures for an exhibition they wanted my call heads. They asked me how would you like them to be displayed? I responded do as you wish I am interested in how others react to them, how another perspective could change the way they look.

I was very interested in the performative nature of the material that once was performed becoming solid and transgressing into movable interchangeable objects even when they became immoveable as relics.

As a group of objects in gernaral they worked well within the space and held their own meaning even when interchanging conversations between the grey scale photography, bastersized sculpture and the united painting 3d objects. they also responded well to the coulourly painted objects on the floor.

I never realised also that terracotta had been used in classical sculpture which brings a whole new meaning to them once dry. I saw this in Tate modern the other day

something to think on and work with.

Robin Woodward