OOO – Object Oriented Ontology

I came across the concept of OOO through reading Timothy Morton, an exciting new voice within philosophy and ecology. His works on a new ecological thought are enlightening and allow hope to germinate in these dark times.

I was trying to override the fatalistic loop that the current environmental and political climate induced within me; Morton’s books gave a view that enables possible configurations to form in order to enhance our chance of survival. I have reached a need for a non anthropocentric thinking before encountering OOO, but this theory allowed me to find a way that enhances a gut feeling into a belief system.

OOO allows agency to all entities, human/non-human, living/non-living, behind human comprehension. According to this view, objects (which are literally everything) have their own existence that can never be fully accessed or understood.

This world view promotes an aura for understanding and acceptance of the other, or even the nullification of the other. Anthropocentrism is responsible for the environmental crisis being experienced on a daily basis. Without changing the embedded ideal of centuries that promotes our status as overlords of all, and allows for atrocities to occur, we can’t stop the destruction.

Based on the research into these philosophical possibilities I am teaching myself to change and transform toward a new way of interacting with my environment, through exercises and experiments. I wish to interact with  other lifeforms, and hopefully learn something from them.

Most days my projects are futile but as the whole enterprise is about humbling the historical memories of civilization within me, I can’t allow frustration to overrule the possibility of learning.

so onward we go

into the unknown

Monika Tobel