With the help of my accomplice John in the Foundry, we worked in Frankenstein’s laboratory. I clingfilmed my hair away from my face, donned a plastic bin liner to body, applied Vaseline to my face (plastering orifices and eyelashes),inserted straws to the mouth and solemnly positioned hands to face in an act of grief; I was now ready for the slapping of Alginate to face.

My hearing to be blocked and of course the pose was uncomfortably tiring, and claustrophobic. The intention was to reference transportation and the price the individual and to relationships, and the (unfair) social fragmentation to women prisoners.

I am intrigued by Sarah Lucas’ work; it has balls. It holds my attention. Gender, sex and death aren’t my topics so back to the bookshelf she will go. My despairing head cupped in hands (plaster work) neither is surreal nor poetic. Instead I will bring a sense of the uncanny to my work as I feel the need to omit direct reference to human form – just to experiment. While I would say I am influenced by the works of Marlene Dumas and Ana Mendieta, there is no material or aesthetic connection. But the desperate message about displacement…is important to me.

‘Second hand imagery generates first hand emotions’. Marlene Dumas.

Annabel Ludovici Gray