Following my previous blog post where I was asking myself (and you) if we are playing a game (art) that is dead and it just repeats in a circle etc etc…I spent the last few weeks thinking: what’s next then??

Maybe I just take a big canvas and I use paint to write a big bold THIS IS MY LAST PAINTING or THIS IS THE LAST PAINTING. Would it make sense?…maybe?

Then I went to the Tate Britain next door the other day for the exhibition ‘Too Human’ and I sat for a while in the second room with Bacon’s paintings (amazing…as always) and I remembered him saying during an interview with David Sylvester that ‘you kill the thing you love’ when Sylvester suggested him that he was like inflicting a damage or kind of injury to the subjects of his paintings.

Well this might be the point, my point: celebrating the death of painting?

Marco Piemonte