Just came across this theatre show called dissolved which has 2 identical sets one in Beaconsfield in London and the Sophiensaele in Berlin with 2 different theatre companies, London based Station House Opera and Berlin-based artists Florian Feigl and Christopher Hewitt.

Each piece is performed simultaneously and then using live video streaming  projected on top of each other. Its an imaginative piece exploring the use of space, the absence and presence. Crossing time and space through the the metaphysical portal of technology, connecting 2 audiences, 2 cities and 2 performances, merging into 1 and becoming a third set which will never physically exist.

it also links to my work with camera and projector, where the camera captures me and projects it back over the top of me creating an infinite feedback loop

also the use of streaming from my studio in north London to my studio in Chelsea so I appear in both spaces at once.
The presentation of the Television has progressed from sitting on chairs


To sitting face up on stones like a ruin come oracle, or perhaps a witch doctors cauldron of knowledge as a portal to another world.

and today I have rescued part of a shelving unit, repurposing it to some kind of minimal evolved metal version of the above

The original intention was to paint on the metal panels but I’ll see how it looks with fresh eyes next time im in the studio


blair zaye