Games can be seen as a paradox which incorporate both the terms magic circle and Caucasian Chalk Circle. Games have strict rules BUT these rules can bend and or break, also within the Magic Circle of the game world the “half real” occurs. For example the Popular game Grand Theft Auto one can break laws or can abide by the law.

It hangs in the balance of the real world and the digital game world.

on another note You can cheat the game like in real life, you can cheat at life. a simple example of cheating the game would be reading a walkthrough. it is much like reading a film review. This way though you completely and utterly destroy the immersive or introjective part of the game, you loose out on the shock, the story the sounds smells and graphics and most of all the story, yes you get to the end first but do you enjoy the experience.

This way for me this is the same as Performance once seen it cannot be seen. it may be spoken about and watched but by cheating yourself out of the experience of the performance you miss the metaphysical nature of this. What is the stage in performance-its the magic girls of the half real world the the performer wants you to partake in, a journey that tells a story. its is as introjective or immersive as a film or game, but this circle can be broken at any time, it is as fragile as the viewer allows it to be. This is the control the performer has on the the audience.


Robin Woodward