Marina Abramovic is a Serbian performance artist known for her work which pushes endurance have both mind and body as well as the interaction between audience and performer.

Pieces such as ‘the artist is present’ where she and the participants were brought to tears by the simple act of gazing.

While in rhythm 0 Abramavich relinquishes control inviting the public to use any of the 72 items laid out on a table as they saw fit  the performance was abruptly halted when a member of the audience placed a loaded gun to her head. 

Also she is of course the creator of the Abramovic method. The method is an exploration of being present in both time and space and Focuses on breathing techniques meditation stillness and concentration

In this film Marina city sights on Brazil  where she explores the ideas of spiritual healing and conscious with healers mediums saints and rituals with the mission to transpose the findings into some kind of artistic outlet.

Interestingly through out the movie she finds ways to represent the spiritual in visual/ artistic form.

– motion blurred portraiture photographs

– slow motion high frame rate film of Marina standing under a waterfall

– after an Ayahuasca trip since I’m floating silently in the water

– after another trip she is seeing suspended in a metal rack with her hair blowing violently in the wind

– In another image she can be seen lying on a bed frame in an  amethyst cave/ mine

–  She has the idea to create shoes out of amethysts which because of the weight make it impossible to walk the shoes instead are worn to produce stillness

These are all great ways of capturing and represent the spiritual within art.

She then heads to San Paolo for an exhibition where the public are provided with noise cancelling headphones and sit/lay on crystal adorn seats and beds

While I feel the supposed candid documentary style is actually fairly staged for the camera which underwrites the films sincerity. but? perhaps that’s the point?  and this in part is a type of mockumentary in the end its hard to know if shes being sincere or not an interesting connection to metamodernism which ill talk about in other posts.

In the end she advocates a return to the spiritual and more traditional medicinal healing for the soul mind and body. This runs parallels with a large part of why I create work, the idea is to aid in raising spiritual, social and environmental awareness and consciousness of audiences. Reminding them of their own presence, to live in the now and be mindful.

Blair Zaye