Yesterday I went to the National Portrait Gallery to see some photographs which based in the Victorian times. It’s called Victorian Giants The Birth of Art Photography. There were some extraordinary portrait photographs, some of them were emotional, daydreaming, sadness and thoughtful. There was also a video explaining how to develop a plate into a photograph which it was quite interesting – quite different to 60s, 70s and 80s when they were developing films back then.

Here are a few photographs that I have seen at the National Portrait Gallery:


Alice Liddell                                            Negative Plate                                     Unidentified Young Woman                     Sadness (Ellen Terry)

Lewis Caroll, 1856                                                                                             Oscar Rejlander, c. 1863-6                     Julia Margaret Cameron, 1864

Here is an example how to develop a plate back then in Victoria times. There are a few videos below which they have been showing elsewhere – I wouldn’t be able to find the original video where it has been shown at the National Portrait Gallery.

Here are several similar videos that have shown us at the NPG: