These days I began to feel like concentrating on the content of my narrative work, not the exact media or skills.

I think I can combine my script writing and art work together. They are just two sides of one coin.

Once I watched Laure Prouvost’s work in Beijing, which gave me deep impression. Her relaxing and sentimental style is actually an expansion of language speaking.  She creates a container for each detail that can be experienced in daily life. A tiny and tender cosmos. However, I think the form is maybe a little bit too…relaxing :):):)




And Carol Bove is another artist I’m interested in. Her way of display objects are well-organized and looks more delicate than Laure’s. Maybe its not fair to compare the two. But I really prefer the sculpture way of Carol. It is more like metaphor rather than display straight forward.



Tris Vonna-Michell is also interesting. He and Laure had both won the Turner Prize. I think there might be some relative reasons. They looks like sharing the same language-situation: very literature.