Petra Cortright


  • Started making video work with a $20 webcam (consumer grade)
  • Pioneer of using live streams, emojis and filters before smartphones made it popular
  • The kind of filters she used decades ago have only started appearing on social media recently
  • Prefers computers over smartphones; doesnt use social media outlets
  • Doesnt see images of herself as selfies because they arent taken on smartphones
  • Sees her videos as self portraits
  • Web cams are more low res than phone cameras
  • Doesnt like HD, thinks everyone looks nice on low res as there is more contrast
  • ‘She is exhibiting one video from 2012 called “I’m a Selfie,” where she takes selfies on her smartphone like a conceited teenager. “A few videos in the show are kind of a joke,” she says. “But five years ago, selfies were less widespread than they are now.”’
  • Simple to maximise effect, 2min long videos made in one take


What’s interesting about this article is that it states in the title and subtitle that the artist is turning camming into feminist art. The title was clickbait as it made little to no reference to camming as a form of sex work and used the term ‘cam girling’ to describe how the artist uses a webcam to make art videos. Then when I was led to believe there would also be a conversation about the difference between selfies and self portraits I was actually met with the insult of being branded a “conceited teenager” for taking selfies at all which by her definition are just images of the self taken on a smartphone rather than a webcam. The gag is that webcams where used for video chat which is the same reason front facing cameras where installed into phones. The rise of selfies came after that.



Sex Workers Festival of Resistance

  • Jheanelle Garriques
  • Dance show inspired by her work as a dominatrix and sugar baby
  • Celebration of sex work to erase the victimisation of sex workers perpetuated through tv and media
  • Sex work is an occupation not a crime (an american struggle as sex work their is up against the law a lot more than in the UK. This is due to the fact that authorities treat sex work and human trafficking as the same thing)
  • Protest for greater protections through panels, film and art performances
  • Jenna Torres- started sex work at 14 to support her children and get through school
  • “I am not a victim until I get caught by the police.”
  • The World Health Organization defines sex work as “…people who receive money or goods in exchange for sexual services, and who consciously define those services as income generating even if they do not consider sex work as their occupation.”’
  • Doesn’t take into account the intersectionalities
  • Shirley McLaren- trans sex worker
  • Offers new sex workers training as it is a job like any other where you need to be trained accordingly
  • Aprosex- tells new sex workers of the bad things that come with sex work like stigma and violence which come from clients and institutions
  • Saints and Whores events show women how to increase their sexual pleasure
  • Decriminalisation will protect sex workers of colour and trans sex workers

Georgina Tyson