So, the last few weeks, apart from popping in to London to populate my empty locker, ‘move in’, grab some food from my fave delis and visit a few exhibitions – I’ve been hibernating. (Yes, today was the first day I left the house on my own…) why? a) because of the cold b) burying my head in the sand and c) because I’m a dweller. I’m just a natural born home body. — Which has led me to the retreat of my sketch book, collaging, printing, re-evaluating and hanging up my painting shirt for a little while.

In re-evaluating its been hard to nail anything down- I flit from one idea to the next and so on. I engage and then disengage reasonable quickly- a hyperactive train of thoughts. During this time my (beloved, cherished and rose gold) MacBook has been my lifeline. On the train, in the car, at a cafe, in bed, walking around the house. I can’t even focus on watching a single TV programme without my laptop open- i half watch- half surf the web. Scroll through instagram on my laptop, watch youtube videos and browse anything and everything. Screen grabbing as I go- making folders and bookmarks. I haven’t shut my laptop down in months, I put it to sleep when its (rarely) not being used just so I don’t have to close all my tabs (currently 43). So I can keep things open and not forgotten. Am I hoarding tabs and information?

This multiple tab, bombardment of info, images and content is the modern world. Screens everywhere. Driving into Chelsea on Saturday I drove past screens and videos on buildings, buses etc. We’ve been bred to have a need and hunger for visual stimuli. Capitalism? Consumerism? probably.

So, in response to this hyper-active, hyper- technological, hyper-vigilant society I’ve been creating frottage, photos, print, obsessive repetitive marks and compositions in my sketchbook documenting scrap bits of papers and experiments. Meanwhile iv’e also been sourcing materials to upscale this recording of markings, textures, information and worlds around me. My immediate location. And dare I say it again… dwelling- Physical and technological.



April Rose Jackson