Hi, dear

I am sorry to tell you  I want to give up trying to make a work. Because I know that if I do it, I’m not presenting it, I’m destroying it.

My working method is to start thinking from some particularly boring things of my life.  Then I just want to extract some of these sensory experiences and reproduce them with my wrong logic to convey my doubts and thoughts about a phenomenon. For example, the leaving sound I heard at a tube station and the coming sight I saw make me unable to distinguish the departure and arrival. So I began to look for a variety of media to transform my sense of alienation of leaving from the subway station. So the medium of creation is the last thing I think about. Because medium serves my idea. But now I find that the best medium that can serve my current idea is the imagination and experience of people. Because imagination is the most wonderful thing, and past experience is the most real thing. So they are the most perfect creation medium. With my poor skill and the limited space I can get, even with advanced interactive technology and cool visual effects, they are all fake. They can’t give people the most authentic feeling. So I wanted to give it up. It can exist in your mind in a virtual form, but the feeling is real, and it comes from everyone. This kind of moving, direct, concise and powerful work is what I pursue to have.

So, I think giving up to make it is the best way to keep my idea, and I will tell you the idea later.



Thanks for reading

Livia Liu


Glad you get here