What am I pursuing when making art?

In the beginning of ” Going Public”, Boris Groys made a comparison with aesthetic and poetic. The aesthetic attitude never need art, because it functions much better without it. The public always pursue aesthetic when seeing artworks. But from the perspective of an artist, making arts is not about the public, but more about itself. It become poetic automatically.

Similar things came out during a conversation we had with Brian last week. Brain said that he thinks “making art is to turn familiar into unfamiliar.” I can’t agree with that more and this really reflects on my process of making art. I always start my painting with an abstract way and I tend to put lots of layer on it. Every layer, every stroke I put on the canvas, represent the condition and emotion of me that moment. It’s me but in the same time it is not me.

I think I never want my work to be aesthetic, nor to be narrative. Through art, I try to speak something about myself, indirectly, and poetically.


Weichung Lu