I read a paragraph from a book that makes me think the relationship between artist and audience.

Life is treated neither as an instant of time nor as the reflection of light from a given place at that moment, but as a continuous process working in the heart of man. “Those of the audience who are appreciative are content to perfect the song in their own minds by the force of their own feeling” as Tagore said.

In my view, as an artist the ultimate aim of painting is to represent the spirit of the object, whether they are animate or inanimate; the main purpose is not to express an idea clearly, most time I like to be implicitly expressed. I believe viewers can place themselves into the depicted scene and use all their senses to interpret my works. And the audience should not pay more attention to the outward appearances of artwork, they should perceive thoughts, personalities, states of mind, capabilities, and temperaments of artists, and the divine spirit, the breath of life or vital rhythm of paintings, it was these that had to be revealed by natural form.