Random phenomenon is the basis of the contemporary science philosophy hard-hit a sign, has special epochal meaning, when there is a physicist, put forward the principle of “random is the more basic and decisive don’t understand” the illusion, this conflict was officially a showdown. The question should be “whether random is part of the behavior of the world”. After all, the world we see seems to be mostly continuous rather than dreamlike. But there are random mechanisms in the details, and quantum behavior and radioactive decay can only be explained as random phenomena, and nuclear decay obeying the statistical laws of quantum mechanics. Is generally thought that quantum and not go back to the segment, so their behavior is very like a random behavior in the true sense, is also down layers can benefit from the vast majority of object points, our scientific experiments at a tremendous rate. This┬ákind of randomness and continuity is unified in a philosophical form of abstraction rather than the opposite of a single object. This unity is common in all systems. The most common “temperature” in daily life is a continuous, statistical standard to measure the disordered movement. And trying to understand the mechanism of random time, humans have a little confused, we don’t know how to create a random number, we can now create a random number are pseudo random number, such as collecting different times are changing factors such as temperature, ambient noise decibel machine and together to get a random number of factors. The external law of the mechanism of controlling the random behavior of particles has been theoretically explained, but the internal representation is difficult to understand, so the random definition becomes both real and false. Your brain is different from one second of material composition, state of mind, and every thought is unpredictable. Are you the same person or not? The human being is a continuous and stochastic continuum, dominated by “inertial thinking”. If the ancients said that matter and consciousness are a process of “birth and death”, this moment of thought is born, and the next moment is dead.

About the origin of the universe, someone put forward the “multiverse” theory calculation are presented, one that we have other universe from the big bang to the explosion of the other points, these various cosmological constant in the universe and our universe is different, our universe is just a kind of relatively stable a cosmological constant, the rest of the universe because of the existence of the cosmological constant is not rational time is very short is destroyed, standing on the earth today can think life is a great chance of random results. There is also a widespread model of the existence of “parallel universes” in the multiverse, not just in science fiction. Physicist Everett put forward, in quantum mechanics, there are multiple parallel universe, in each of the world, each quantum mechanics measurement results of different, so different history occurred in different parallel universe. The multi-world explanation holds that the observation of the measuring device will cause the measuring device to be decomposed into two. And this breakdown is going to continue on this measurement chain. , that is, each performs a conscious observation of behavior, is separated into two of the world, such as the world a physical constant measurement is 1, the measurement of 2 May also happened at the same time, a person see the universe can only choose one of the historical direction, that is two world is gone to another history, this kind of exponential growth, making more than infinite universe relationship also exists in slices together with each other, each decision to separate the two results. However, the theory of the extreme fear seems to have found some circumstantial evidence in these studies. Fractal mathematical pioneers tried to calculate the length of the coastline, found invagination coastline is always to look similar notch, but zoom in each level will become more fragmented, is similar but it is difficult to formulization is random, people are confused, until the people to understand the mechanism of a kind of chaotic dynamics.

Developed in recent years of chaos theory tell people, even by determine a set of mechanisms to control, also can appear unpredictable results, the combination of the macroscopic world more like randomicity and certainty, its mechanism is certain, because do not know the initial state and embodied in random. Or sometimes a single individual chaotic behavior in statistical sense there is a certain measure, such as a radioactive nuclear decay time of random, but you statistics 100 million, half billion in the particle decay time, is tend to be equal. Well-known gravity, leverage, relativity, etc. These laws of nature can be described in a single mathematical formula and can be used to predict the behavior of an object. But for nearly half a century, scientists have discovered that many natural phenomena can be reduced to simple mathematical formulae, but their actions cannot be predicted. As the meteorologist Edward Lorenz discovered, simple thermal convection can cause unimaginable meteorological changes, producing so-called”butterfly effect”.