A life illuminated

One of our greatest strength is to continue in the harshest of environments and adversity. Where we would imagine it’s time to give in and end it all, we fight, we dig our heels in and do what we can.

Imagining the infinite possibility of flow. 

A reflection of self, conscious thought and plans seem to be overridden by the intuitive. I’m still rediscovering this awakening with every move, my moves, my shift appears random without direction like a river, but the flow of the river is organic, finding it’s path even on the slightest of gradients unseen by the eye or hand.  Unless, it’s a completely choreographed stage. An unspoken preplanned ruse of contextual practice.

I love this biz.

My practice is concerned with social dynamics. Did you know? A parallel investigation of inclusion and exclusion informed through my own form. A visual inquiry of biological micro systems that mirror the diaspora of communication, transport and populous of this spherical space rock.

As I advance into my vocation, my own form adopts the challenge of exclusion through advancing disablement, a changing nervous system limiting my inclusion and social ability.
Next time my investigation will be on wretched magical unicorns and ABBA.

Body problems

Foot: I’m not standing for this. Don’t make me put my foot down!
Back: well you can’t, and I’m not taking this lying down either.
Knee: well which way are we going then?
Ear: what?
Back: ok hold me..

Chest: I can’t breathe. hahah

Back: I’m not going anywhere.
Hand: I’d offer to help but..
Back: you lot are a pain in the.
Ass: I’m fine tbh. I think it’s just you that’s sore.
Knee: I’m just popping out for a bit while you sort it out.
Brain: will you lot be quiet, some of us want to sleep!
Left brain: oooo pretty lights! lets play candycrush