EmBEDded in my current work is the notion of Popular Culture and our consumption or bombardment of all that surrounds it. I say this lying-in bed, dressed and ready to go to London, however I didn’t quite make it. Or did I? I made it to Brighton, into the living room of pop culture’s queen, YouTube star, Zoella. I made it into the children’s indoor play zone, sliding down a slide near primrose hill, with non-other than Fearne Cotton. Before marvelling over making a vegan banana loaf with her. I made it to Berlin with Alfie Deyes (YouTube star and Zoella’s other half), and all this in less that 20 mins and seconds apart. Via. the Virtual. I almost typed ‘internet’ then but realised that actually, just by scrolling through my saved images, screen-grabs and preloaded insta stories when the Wi-Fi glitches I can transport all the same.

I currently, and I don’t mean to exaggerate this in anyway… by currently I really do mean within the last 2 hours, briefly attempted to catch up with Gilles Deleuze and his theories around identity, difference and the metaphysical virtuality of reality, and what strands from Marcel Proust’s definition of the word, “real but not actual, ideal but not abstract”. 


Oops just went to find these moments and along the way I accidently had a smoothie in Kensington with Caroline’s Choice, but I’m back now in a moment, to my rose gold baby and freshly washed sheets in Buckinghamshire. God, my life is exhausting.


April Jackson.


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