I am always thinking my relationship with the outside world. We meet all kind of people everyday in this society. Some artists make work to cater audiences’ taste. But anyhow, you will never live in anyone’s mind other than your own. You guess, you presume, but you will never exactly know what others is thinking. What you possess, is only yourself, your only can experience your life, only can feel what’s in your mind……

I think sincerity, is the most important character for an artist, or for a person.

While a sincere artist’s work somehow must relevant to the artist’s personality, attitude to life, experience or personal taste.  For me, a 22 years old student, maybe I am just at a stage of experiencing lost, which is of emotion, of right or wrong, of concern to life and death……I think my little unidentified ceramic monsters, hovering at fog-like world, in some way represent this kind of lost.



Cotton is a new material that I recently experiment a lot with. They seem like clouds, can be seen but can not be touched; they resemble cotton candy, which will disappear in next section when enter to your mouth; they are also like fog, like dream, like intangible thinking……


Maybe, the little monsters in such an environment is also considering their life?


If viewers could share my experiences and feel resonation from my work, perhaps that’s how my work interact and communicate with the outside world?



Ziyin Guan