French philosopher and sociologist Edgar morin in contemporary history complexity research as the first topic, interpreted the complexity at the core of the whole ideological system and has a complexity paradigm revolution of thinking. In his 1973 book, the lost paradigm: the study of human nature, moran formally proposed the “method of complexity”. Moran’s complex approach to anthropological research ultimately leads him to the general complexity approach. Moran thinks complexity is a challenge, not an answer. Complex paradigm is a complementary and integration of simple paradigm, his critique of the classical scientific methodology represents a simplified the ills of rationalism, can expect a complex, dynamic, open rationalism instead of the simple, static, closed rationalism. Moran widely absorbs the latest research achievements in the field of modern natural science frontiers, makes his six volumes of the magnum opus “method” to show a picture from the physical sciences to the encyclopedia of life sciences and the humanities type. The complex paradigm, based on the principle of system theory, cybernetics, information theory and self-organization theory, builds a building ofscientific theory based on the basic principle of complex thinking. Moran complex thought things in the world is the unity and diversity of the fusion of blends, order and disorder, the individual and the environment of mutual penetration,

proposed “the grand concept”, “strategic vision” and “yuan system view”to get to know and research objects. The main content of moran’s complex thoug

ht is that the world is not simply ordered or disordered, but ordered and disorderly. Modern system theory to propose what it calls “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” principle, this theory emphasizes the integrity of the world things, but Mr Moran think it only describe one aspect of the nature of the system, he put forward the principle of “the whole is less than the sum of the parts”, its essence is added for as to the partial understanding of the importance of the individual.

Moran’s meta-view holds that any conceptual system must contain some questions that can only be answered outside the system, so to recognize a system must refer to a meta-system.

The thought characteristic of his comprehensive and interdisciplinary research methods to make his commitment to a comprehensive, integrated of anthropology, and areas of natural science such as physics, biology, complexity and to establish the scientific methodology. Moran principle of complexity theory has the characteristics of the combination of universality and particularity, in philosophy, natural sciences and humanities and social science in the field widely, the complexity of his theory is not only beyond the general system theory, and also to know and understand things provides a new method of epistemology, so also is an interdisciplinary science methodology, but also has extensive significance philosophy epistemology. Moran’s thought has great inspiration to the contemporary world to construct mutual understanding of ethics, and has profound influence on education.