1.Hegel believed that in the Romantic when art has moved, is moving out of the material realm into the conceptual–actually, was a prologue to the end of art.

2.He believed that as spirit grew into self-identity(from symbolic to classic to romantic era),
that material forms and objects were no longer adequate to represent Spirit.

3.The real paradigm of the romantic is painting and music.
Why painting and music?
Painting is two-dimensional.It starts to move out of the three-dimensional, physical, material world into the realm of pure vision, a pure representation. And music is even less material or more dematerialized. The material of music is just time and rhythm.

4.Hegel privileges music in the romantic.Because he thought that the time and rhythm of music was really representing or uniting with the time and rhythm of human thought itself. So music is the most conceptual art.