I was greatly inspired by variety kinds of  music activities in London. Many musicians are encouraged to take risks and break discipline between different genres. Adventures taken in the music are somehow more dangerous and more difficult than that in art, because the hearing more directly affects our body.

As an experienced musician (in experimental electronica and contemporary classical), I used to make some tracks for film and video. Most of my works are actually originated from music. I think the space, architecture and poems are also deeply related to music and sound. But I prefer to combine both of them– the rational part of musical construction and sensual part of sound creativities.

However, during the previous months in Chelsea, I had not made myself– a musical thinker–adaptable to the fine art environment. I have no idea how to improve my experiment for music and art. I lost some parts between them. I had tried some methods in China such as sound improvisation, playing electronic equipment, audio-visual performance etc., however I hope to coherent them more deeply and precisely.

This is the first time I mentioned my thinking about music in the blog. I gave up for a period of time, now it’s the time to pick it up.

This is an interactive installation by Esa-Pekka Salonen. He is an outstanding Finnish conductor and composer recently commissioned as art director for London Philharmonia Orchestra. He is very concerned about how classical music affects people’s modern life.



And tonight I missed an interesting concert because of the heavy snow. It was held in Underground Village. The event called Nonclassical-rise of the machine. It is a world first Concerto for Drum Machine and Orchestra. It is commissioned by 5 composers. The list above is their favourite featuring tracks. They focus on making New Music especially of how to combine classical and electronica genre, which is just what I concern.