Complex thinking paradigm is a famous contemporary French thinker Edgar morin in the book “method”, innovative concept, aims to criticize western traditional social fragmentation, contracted the thinking mode of different subjects. According to Edgar moran, complex thinking is a “way to grasp objects in a way that is not isolated and closed, but to grasp objects through the context and overall view.”

Since the 20th century, based on Newton’s classical mechanics methodology of modern science is being challenged, classic scientific world outlook and the epistemology to explain some of the issues or phenomena encountered difficulties, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics and system science and producing, the appearance of science all change. Since the 1940s, the rapid development of the exponential rate and the rapid rise of the system science have been recognized and recognized by all scientific fields. From 40 to 60 s of the 20th century gradually formed the system theory and cybernetics, information theory, operations research, systems engineering, electronic computer and modern communication technology emerging disciplines such as mutual penetration, closely integrated, this stage is the stage of system science. Since the 1960 s, according to the theory of dissipative structure, coordination, super cycle and mutation theory represented by the rise of self-organization theory, the fractal theory, chaos theory is developing rapidly, all kinds of remarkable progress in the study of complicated nonlinear system, the rich developed complex thinking paradigm in every aspect. 

The complex thinking paradigm makes people realize that the non-linear relationship is more prevalent in nature, society and thinking, thus advocating complex thinking and gradually forming complex science. Complexity science is the complex nature and the society itself as a complex phenomenon, relying on the whole, nonlinear, and the reduction of, not decided and irreversible concept to study complex phenomenon itself, the “classical empirical nature of science is the science of simplicity, adhere to the principle of reductionism, it advocates the natural reduction for simple mathematical relationship, explore the decisive causal linear relationship between the number”. Promoting classical empirical science, overall the result is neglected, ignore the whole internal relations, ignore the complexity research, to recognize “the sum of the whole is greater than the local” view of system theory. Therefore, complexity science based on the theory of the system against the classic scientific simplicity of linear thinking mode, against the classic scientific essence and reductionism and causal thinking mode, put forward the thinking of complex, nonlinear, for the diversity of the world to provide the reasonable explanation.

In the western society, from the ancient Greek, the sages all hope that the complex natural world comes down to one of the most essential thing, the great philosopher thales source water boils down to in the world, namely “everything comes from water”; The naive materialist dialectic scholar Heraclitus thinks that fire is the origin of all things. Newton tried to deduce all the laws of the world from Newton’s three laws. Humanity has always regarded simplicity as the highest goal of scientific pursuit. But since the 1940 s, as a result of automation technology and computer technology and Internet, the exponential development of modern information technology to human production and life style hair the huge change, knowledge and information become important in the process of human social production tools and the carrier, the understanding of the people are no longer just a simple linear thinking, more complex systems thinking, the overall thinking, therefore, complexity research become human RenShiShi major turning point in the history of science.