So that was the throw-away question I was asked by the impeccably dressed reporter Gemma Evans of Sky News TV at the Tate Modern ‘Art Works of the Future‘ event which we were hosting as the Digital Makers Collective (Tate Exchange) in early March……..What was my reply?……” problem” I heard myself say.

Something I had learnt years ago when speaking to the press…’keep it short and keep on script’. Problems come when you get drawn into questions off topic or things you had not thought through before hand. If you hear yourself rambling, stuttering or speaking about your deep inner thoughts that you only say to your pet cat curled on a sofa at night…then you know you are in trouble.

The first question was easy….or so I thought …”Can you explain what is this? ” she said pointing to a statue with a video projection playing on it situated in the welcome area of event.

My reply: “it’s a metaphor for how technology is integrated with the future of humans and art” (…oh my God did I really say that?)

I could see that wasn’t the short, sharp response she really wanted to hear ( a mouthful of pretentious words ) and she guessed rightly that it possibly wasn’t really what I wanted to say either…she tried to help …’yes, but how would you describe it?’ (Thank God for experienced interviewers)

Me, second attempt: “its a ‘Mock Holographic Cyborg’ ” …and that is how it continued to be described on the Sky News TV throughout the next three days….I was actually satisfied with that description, after all that’s exactly what it was. It was not a true holograph..hence it was ‘mock’, it was half human (Lawrence and Esra and I were the tree human actors that were in the video image) projected onto a robotic sculpture therefore a ‘cyborg’…. All good.

The interview became much better when I was calmer, which thankfully was very quickly and I think I was able to express some coherent thoughts about the works. You can see the Sky News TV clip which includes a brief clip of my interview with Gemma- see Sky TV link below.

As point of interest, I also attach a photo of me ( with other members of public sector Directors) being ‘consulted’ by a group of MP’s on the 2012 UK Education Budget on live Parliament TV …the most enjoyable moment of my life, NOT ! …..its up there with having a root canal done…but certainly an experience you can never forget.



Mock Holographic Cyborg


Live Parliament TV


Live Parliament TV