hand finished what the head started, this painting set of by the nasir jones track purple

nite watchers encroach on the arrival of mami wata. from depths she looking as change be pull be pulled (as change does), crossroads be humming ‘i know the way to go‘, in all three directions. up left right never back, down. for the purpose be – ing to get over. at night with robe.royalty.night. shit we can see thru, and that which comes to us at nite. purple.

s.o.m. (nite) – 2018

this painting sparked by visions unseen, desiring to manifest that which i can’t see (yet). forces of heaven and earth dialogue with one another on a plane above our current vision. some human limitation. they told me in many ways clear and dense. opaque be translucent. that we can rise above mammalian complex, become more than what we are, transcending all complex(es) to be divine. gold be backdrop for reason of that reason. seasons of men + women multiply to give truth to their vision our call it falsity. desire base urge face race we run toward the depths we seek and sometimes off track and then the ditch awaits and fall in, climb out to see the gold we hold, buried not in it like those.. k.r.i.t. spoke a truth in code.

s.o.m. (dream) – 2018


Nadeem Din-Gabisi