not feeling totally confident to share this here…

i have been trying to write in a way that engages a conversation instead of being a long “description of what i do”.

i would like this part of the process being seen as a element of the whole.

i wrote short scenes that compiled my thoughts in the studio.

they often borrow the shape, perhaps the style of my readings (in a way they reference them)

here is a short extract : (all the pronouns has been replaced by ◼︎, so you can take control of the story)


monday morning

a place called studio 

(could be a laboratory – a factory – a working place)

9:00 am

It’s early and ◼︎ has a goal – ◼︎ knows it would be some fortunate interruptions – ◼︎ knows also that some will be pure distractions – delighted moments – and only few will end-up being productive – this is not a race – ◼︎ has set up ◼︎ desires – certainly borrowed somehow – somewhere – somewhat – the task seems tremendous –  ◼︎ knows it would be some unfortunate disruptions – it is what it costs – to build spectacles

the morning passes by – like a stroller in a new city – ◼︎ knew where to go – perhaps not how to get there yet – It took few hours to have a stable structure – a bunch of bolts and nuts – essential concentration – and patience – « doesn’t ◼︎ bite more than ◼︎ can chew ?” – ◼︎ thought about it – few times actually – ◼︎ knows the challenge – but it is what it costs to follow a vision

◼︎ listens the tapes – once again – familiar voice – so familiar in fact – is that important ? – ◼︎ doesn’t question it – ◼︎ is listening the tapes – voice sharing memories – feels nostalgic – and happy – feels longing – but happy – this is what it will be – a nostalgic spectacle – a stage even! – for a nostalgic spectacle – a stage for a voice to play – to play a role – its own

the voice will meet others – they will all play a part – of this spectacle – of the display – if ◼︎ succeed – even if ◼︎ doesn’t – it will be other voices to respond to – it will be dialogues – conversations – if only ◼︎ could predict them – those conversations – ◼︎ has a theme – ◼︎ has a research – ◼︎ has interests – would it be enough?

◼︎ is aware of the city around ◼︎ – and how the urban « frame » – the constructions – the buildings – the infrastructures will cause harm to ◼︎ project – knows the context will weaken importantly ◼︎ labour – intents of explanation – lying will be a salutary salivation then

◼︎ also knows ◼︎ has to justify the choice of the materials – the production process – the machine vs. the hands debate – question – the computer vs. brain forensic interrogation – perhaps it’s all the same – perhaps it’s all different – perhaps it’s all mechanism – perhaps it’s all questionable – conceivably the body is a machine too

◼︎ blinks …


friday morning

 –  not sure where 

6:00 am

◼︎ cannot sleep any longer – a buzz in the head – a dozen of characters speaking


with a same voice – this is not a play – and this will not be a monologue – it has to be a conversation –

a conversation can take any form – any shape – it doesn’t even have to be spoken – this is what it will be – an unspoken conversation – it will be a choir of a dozen unspoken voices – they won’t be silent – they will be screaming loudly unspoken words

it takes place on a stage – a spectacle of intents – a sum of efforts – a resolved scenario

a wooden construction

– a greenhouse made of wood and glass and a faded photograph

– with a man standing proudly between fresh tomatoes plants

– posing at the camera and holding a pair of tomatoes in his left hand

– a glorious price

– a reward

– soon to become a burden