I have made a new video work, based on my discovery of Fold Theory, within the writings of Michel Serres’ topological thought and Deleuzes analysis of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s ideas on the theme.  The theory of folds resonated with me deeply as it is represents in a poetic way the connectedness of all and the non-linear reality of space and  time, rendering the hierarchical differentiation of lifeforms obsolete.

Serres likens the folds of time and space to the kneading of dough. The action of kneading, which turns the lose mud into a tense paste, taut with potential. The constant folding connecting all particles to all others in continuous movement of connections and re-connections.

I set out to find a better understanding of these ideals through physical, bodily actions. I kneaded soil with my hands to feel the changes within the material, I have trod on mud at Tottenham Cemetery to understand the reciprocal affects the action created within the elements of the movement.  The constant changing of the mud, the rush of blood through my legs, the movement of air around me….

Through the physicality of the exercise and the bitter cold of the elements I found myself connecting to the creation of life, a primal paste of bacterial beginning.

Based on these observations and the recordings of the actions I made a video work titled, Tonic Mass.



Monika Tobel