I’ve been rly into writing about myself recently.

On social media I always get people replying to things I post like, “same”. I know that what I experience and have to say about these experiences are relatable. Since starting LRCR I have noticed how many people are reluctant to overshare themselves on the internet. People don’t want to share intimate details or vulnerability on their social media accounts whereas for me, it is something I cant stop doing. And the need only gets stronger when I get messages daily from people relating their own experiences to mine. Talking to people on the internet about things that we think about, suffer through and feel gives me an incredible sense of community and support.

Ive been thinking a lot about wanting to make a zine type publication of essays. After reading Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay and Feel Free by Zadie Smith, I’ve seen that essays don’t have to be about serious research and can be personal stories of experiences that have shaped thinking and have an underlying critique on social and political issues. Personal essays create context of time and cultural circumstance while talking about bigger world issues.

I was in an exhibition on valentines day which was called FUCK OFF an art show;

I submitted a personal essay to be shown called THE CLOSURE WAS EROTIC

Georgina Tyson