As we live through the 15th anniversary of Iraq invasion 2003 it is worth to note that during that time we have witnessed many major news channels, newspapers and media outlets beating the drums of war and supporting the false reasons behind the invasion. They have played a negative role in galvanising public opinion towards the war. Even though there were few other news channels that where against the war but they were few and far between and they did not had the global appeal of major news channels.

Fifteen years later, I wish that those same channels would tell the stories of destruction and devastation that occurred after the occupation. Unfortunately this did not happen. The occupation of Iraq has had a significant negative impact on the Middle East region politically, which in turn, affected all aspects of life there socially, culturally and economically.

All the injustice that the Iraqi people induced has affected me in a way to take it upon myself as a duty to show the plight of the innocent people that have been displaced, imprisoned, tortured and event killed. Through my art I wanted to convey the message of Iraqi victims to the world.

Historically we have seen many anti-war art has been there defending the rights of victims as we can see from work of Guernica by Pablo Picasso and The Third of May 1808 by Goya, these are perfect examples of artworks inspired by War. We can see this in the recent works of Rachel Howard’s large scale painting depicting a prisoner of notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq which he was subjected to a torture.