Recent work made for an exhibition called On The Cusp Of…



On the cusp of… sexual liberation [specifically]

I have been perpetually on the cusp of sexual liberation and acceptance of my sexual self. I have fallen between shame and liberation since I began my sexual journey. When the personal part of my sexuality emerged I wrote about it in journals and explored my own body. When it became public it was a forced act in the way of a found journal or unwanted sexual encounter. These formative sexual years have made it difficult to be honest about sex. Instagram and the internet has become a tool which enablesme to explore my behaviours and patterns, my relationships, my love and sex addiction and my body.

The triptych “Thirst Trappin’ Thotty’ is a series of digital collages, made into prints, that bring the URL into IRL so I can bring the conversations I am having on the internet and instagram into the physical art world to be discussed further with an audience that isn’t filtered or specifically targeted. The images are depictions of my own patterns of online curation of the self and my work. Noticing behaviours in my own posting patterns, I began to realise how I am always posting with intent and a specific audience. I drift from making and posting work for the art audience and specific people I am trying to gain attention or validation from.

According to Urban Dictionary, thirst trapping is “A sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media for the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the posters ego or need for attention, at the expense of the time, reputation and sexual frustration of those who view the image or reply.” And Thot is “What guys call girls in schools that send out nudes and porn of themselves. An acronym for That Ho Over There.” I thought about these terms when I realised I had been posting certain images to my instagram after realising I had new followers that I wanted to catch the attention of. I held back on my own advocacies and politics to suit my new audience. When I caught myself I thought about how I could combine my sexual truths like my sex work and make the personal political while confronting my instagram use.

Georgina Tyson