The south boundary of “annihilate” adapted from the “left” trilogy of the first “annihilate”, the author Jeff van der mill with the novel, succeeded in winning the 2014 nebula award, beat in the same year nominated for the award of the ” The three body problem”. The film according to Jeff van der mir’s southern borders of the left the first instalment, the novel tells the story of biologists, Lina (Natalie portman) to investigate her husband had suffered, willing to join the scientific expedition team, composed of five women to studying the ecology of a United States territory was quarantine the story of the disaster area.

Lena, the female biology doctor, had no tattoo before entering the bubble, but then came out and had a tattoo. A lot of people think that this is a sign of Lena herself, but it’s not.

So,what does the snake tattoo represent? !

The tail snake is a symbol of ancient Greece, and its general image is that the tail snake is eating its tail, representing the meaning

of “infinity”, infinity and circulation in mathematics.

The tail snake is a common symbol of religion and mythology, especially in alchemy, so it is associated with Cthulhu Mytho.

Plato explained that the tail snake is a primitive creature of the universe, and the head devours its tail, which is the immortal body with the perfect biological structure.

In “annihilate” uroborus tattoo, the embodiment of the cosmic cycle concept, represents another form of “rebirth”, construction and destruction of the reciprocating, the cycle of life and death, it also means a kind of eternal cycle.

The film, which borrows from the tail of a snake, confirms the concept of physics.

Yes, it has its place in physics, which reflects a cosmic meaning, symbolized by the relationship between quantum physics (micro) and the universe (macroscopic).