I recently made a bronze bear sculpture. This is another art works after I researched the immortal faith. By creating elegant and vivid bear-shaped sculptures, I put the tentacle of exploration into the depths of the historical and archaeological areas. Many new ideas have been explored in the history of Asian cultural and historical relations with numerous ideas.

This exploration is not a choice of various viewpoints and theoretical discourse, but presents and proves the existence of cultural symbols from physical images. Because the physical image is not only a simple image, but the most important cultural symbol, it is a materialized form of the national spirit. Therefore, the image represents a cultural tradition, a spiritual system, a way of thinking, an idea form The relationship between the cultural image, the spirit, the thought, and the thought has been found to some extent by finding the link between the physical image and the cultural symbol. It is through the comparison and proof of physical images that I have restored the mythological appearance that was masked, forgotten, and distorted by history.

I think The reason why the ancestors worshiped the bears was because of the habit of the bears’ hibernation spring. It is based on this kind of grasp of the archetype meaning of the broader pedigree of the Bear Totem that I reinterpreted the first evidence that is the meaning of the ancient literature and the ancient myth. “Shan Hai Jin,” said: “The Bear Mountain has a hole, constant at the man of God, summer come and winter closed. If the hole if the winter open summer close, but there must be soldiers.” The bear hibernates during the winter and the summer of the bear’s hole indicates that the bear awakened from hibernation in the spring and summer and re-stepped out of the cave. Obviously bears enter and leave the bear’s hole. The ancestors saw the bear as a god who had risen from the dead. It was a cyclical hibernation that enabled the bear to gain certain sacredness in the eyes of the early populace.

I think this is that all beliefs have materialized images as evidence, as do eternal beliefs, and eventually become materialized as bears, becoming “a symbol of the season cycle,” “a symbol of resurrection,” and “a symbol of the Buddha,”