I have been part of an art collective for the last year and a half, attending meetings, organizing exhibitions, finding friends through work and discussions.
The Tunnel Group composed of artists’, film makers and performers based in London involved in themed group shows in formal spaces, disused shops, derelict buildings and churches. There is one themed project or event every few months. Each exhibition uses a text(literature, philosophy, poetry) or film (feature, documentary) as a base, the work in the exhibition then orbits around this. The purpose to each exhibition is to provide a platform for ideas.
The main aim of the group is to redefine the role of the artist within a increasingly unstable world.
Our last exhibition took place in Hundred Years Gallery last week. Drawing inspiration from Labyrinths,the compilation
of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, the exhibition explores the subjectivity of memory and how it shapes individual realities, consciousness and subsequently, objective understandings of history. Narrative is inherently subjective. Shared myths may be a function of a cooperative society but equally a symptom of a disharmonious painting of the present. The artist has the liberty of embracing subjectivity thus creating interpretive narratives, boundless to finite meaning. Art acknowledges the limitations of language and narrative, liberates spectators of the confines of definition and embraces the infinite. Harnessing ideas of subjectivity and objectivity, the exhibition Labyrinths brings together works that embrace the potential of the undefined, informing an honest view of the present, much like the collection of short stories that inspired it.