There are times when people say things that I’m not ready for, and so I struggle with them, dispute or ignore them.  And then, occasionally, the message comes at just the right moment and a light switches on in my head and it all starts to make sense.

I had one of those moments on Friday with Ian Monroe.  What he said linked to things that Steven, Brian, Zehra Arslan, Patti and Babak had said to me over the past couple of weeks, and probably to things that tutors have been saying to me for much longer.

Ian said that because the human condition is complicated, art needs to be complicated and that it’s only by experimenting that we develop our ideas to frame the area for discussion with the viewer.  The ideas needs to be sufficiently clear for the viewer to engage with but not so obvious that they’ve no reason to want to see the artwork again.

He suggested I start from a couple of ideas, a couple of symbols and a couple of forms/motifs and let them have their own conversation.  From that process the artwork will emerge.  This feels both right and possible for me now even though similar suggestions felt very scary only a week before.  And ideas, symbols and motifs are chattering away in my head ready for me to start experimenting.  Thank you Ian.