April 15th is World Art Day, Narrative Movements art foundation will be presenting its most ambitious project to date, 40 international exhibitions across 16 nations including India, Bangladesh, Spain, Italy Hungary, Germany and Turkey held simultaneously, working with local communities and schools for an interactive accessible art symposium, each exhibition hosted and curated by one of Narrative Movements Board of Directors, the project is overseen by Managing Director and artist Bibek Santra, based in West Bengal, India.



Narrative Movements is a not for profit organisation, operating and registered by the India board of business and like many, not in receipt of public funding, but with an excellent management core committed to its aim and focus toward maintaining sustainable development of local communities and creative industry, with many of its members working internationally promoting activities and assisting in building awareness of the organisation.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of this very active, innovative international organisation since 2015, through my own CIC Diali Contemporary and independently, working together to organise and build awareness for its portfolio of events, exhibitions, and artist residencies held across Asia, the Middle-East and Europe. Our very popular residencies have seen deliveries at Floating Palace Hotel, Lake Nahargarh Hotel, Rajasthan and working on projects in partnership with community schools observing environmental issues with over 30 global artists in attendance.



Breaking away from the sanitised white cube paradigm engages with communities arms open, especially those often excluded from the arts.  For artists involved its allows movement to perform ideas and processes without purpose toward “market value”, and of course build networks, opportunities and touch base with existing parties.

Offering communities with the opportunity to access creative expositions changes more than minds and a hearty smile, many villages across the nation with little knowledge of the outside world, its activities, languages and cultures are placed at the very heart and forefront of NM international exhibitions, featuring heavily in the indian press, TV and radio which help foster awareness and encourage finance from central government for public amenities and   infrastructure, healthcare, utilities and opportunities for work and education


For more about art shaping people and communities internationally visit narrativemovements.com


Ian Barrington