For the last few weeks, I just didn’t do anything because I was kind of stuck in the middle and my mind was blank until when I have done some research online, exploring at the galleries, long walk to the park to clean my mind – it eventually helped me to get lots of ideas and I quickly noted them down.

Below – firstly, I thought why not to cast faces of my two classmates in wax to make them to look like spirits covered with long 6 yards of fabric laying on the floor, and I thought that this piece of work comes out well and I am also thinking maybe I may put a light underneath the fabric to make it look that the spirit is appearing the room. I still don’t know what the title and the description would be but I will think of something before the interim show starts so I still have time to get it on and experiment with it.


Yesterday I went to Richmond Park with my classmates to take photographs using analog camera – using the smoke bomb when the model is posing different poses in the park and I asked the model to lay in the ground and stay still when the smoke bomb came out. We were experimenting with the filming as well. I wanted to make it simple, and I think I like this idea and this video it’s not finished yet. I have uploaded it as an experimental video and I am going again this week to make the same idea as this one because I was shaking a little bit the camera from the windy weather. This experimental video that I made is a body laying, the smoke bomb is metaphorically that the ‘spirit’ comes out from the body when the person dies.