Wasting time at the Tate Exchange, I was playing around with some well-known metaphors, with Li, putting them through Google translate, and then back again – here are the results:

A bakers dozen: 面包师的打 – baker’s fight
A whale of a time: 一时的鲸鱼 – a moment of whales
Spineless: 骨气 – backbone
At a snails pace: 以蜗牛的速度前进 – snail’s speed forward
Raining Cats and dogs: 正在下猫和狗 – cats and dogs are under
是时候上木山了 it’s time to go to mount ( can’t even remember what this one was).

In Korean:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: 부재는 마음을 정하고 성장한다 Absence sets the mind and grows.
Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile: 그들에게 1 인치를 주면 그들은 1 마일 Give them an inch and they’ll give you a mile
Raining Cats and dogs: 고양이와 개가 비 오는 Cat and dog rain

The results are funny and interesting in themselves.

I’ve seen loads of these travelling and living abroad, here are some examples off online:

I have no idea what the gibberish one’s are supposed to mean. More here https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-english-translations-t-shirt-fail-asia-broken-engrish/

This kind of thing is really funny when you see it, especially when you’re a teacher and a sweet little kid is wearing something like it. It makes me wonder what the t-shirts and tattoos with Chinese designs actually say. A great example of cultural (mis)appropriation and what happens when it goes wrong.