Today, I have started working a larger collaged piece for the interim show- still unsure where it might go, I have ordered my digital collages for print to collect tomorrow morning. Better late than never in terms of creating new work.

Prior to today, I have been working a lot from home, the train, my little corner in the studio hidden behind my laptop screen or in the super market. I’ve found a fascination and interest in lists, other peoples shopping lists, orders and receipts. I am fascinated with what people consume and the foot print they leave behind. But also the judgement I make and form from just a few words and their context. Written in capitals, scribbled on the back of an envelope or carefully listed on the a purposeful sticky note. Where was it found? At the bottom of a Tesco trolly, in the hobby craft doorway or in the veg section in whole foods? Are they buying spam and tinned peas or organic cacao powder and flaxseed? Who does this make them? anyway, I digress….

My digital collages, although centred around my own virtual existence, engagement and subscription, engages with the virtuality of consumption, materialism, compartmentalisation and the human; greed, hunger, obsession, jealousy, admiration and the mundane. The everyday life, reality, that becomes #content and the fascination, escapism or aspiration it generates.

Last night, I was watching ‘Escape to the Chateaux’ on Channel 4 OD (F.Y.I. watch it, binge it, digest it. It’s FAB!). Featuring the infamous (or at least with me and my Mumma) Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree, who according to Mother Jackson are living her other life and are in-fact my dad and herself, engineer and designer. The show follows their move to France and the purchase of a French Chateaux. Following it’s renovation and the couples dynamic lives of DIY, interior creativity, wedding hosting and parenting. Documenting their triumphs, wacky interior design and their comedic mishaps.

I’m unsure where I am going with that little interlude, but somehow it made me think. Do we have unfulfilled lives carried out by others? And why do we place such aspiration and want of others? How is the simple documentation of an others everyday life so consuming, fascinating and fantastical?

Maybe it’s just me who watches a 40 minute YouTube video of SprinkleOfGlitter doing her laundry or Niomi Smart doing an online order at Ocado and then popping into Whole Foods Market and hauling her bought goods (of which I made notes as if to mirror or replicate such an mundane act?!). However, I can tell you I’m not by their ten of thousands of followers and subscribers.

It’s a world which we can actually live vicariously though. Where spacial and temporal boundaries blur.

Virtuality, becomes our reality. The multiple screened, constant and fast paced cycle of imagery and content exposed to us. Individualised consumption has identity. My current works evolve from this idea of giving tangibility to a perhaps unreached or virtual existence. And perhaps the evolution of something bigger evolving post- human. Cloning, identifying and learning from the consumption of its predecessors, perhaps not unlike our popular culture, influencer dominated lives.


“Original, 09:11”



“1000 pound for your shoes dear fearne? 15:58”



What does my consumption say? Can it form an identity of its own?



April Jackson.