One day Gerbit learned that he was different to other supercats, Gerbit had enjoyed a myriad of cultural influences, activities, and
stuff he know he was more than just a basic supercat. After an introduction to the Patti on Planet Chelsea, he isolated his position in the universe towards what most supercats do and understood that the universe spun around him, and not the other way round.

In his early development Gerbit had found great satisfaction learning the physics of time and space, being an active performer in areas of poi and staff, his interest lied in the complex structures of the Matrix, Inverse anitispin fountain and buzzsaw flowerloops when traced with light or fire of the illuminat Humancats.


Through a foundation of learning of other new and eons old constructs, he discovered his excitement of geometric forms by Frank Stella and Sol leWitt.

But of course this was yonks ago, although he had moved on just like Rank Xerox from

 this old stuff about calculations, there remains a strong element of math and physics in his practice.

Learning the tensile strength and flexibility of materials he knew his ball of string would one day be as strong as space wood, he imagined thousands of buildings interconnected by such wonderful material.


After a misdiagnosis whereby a great brain suggested that he ought to learn more about areas of 

obscure identities unrelated to him, he decided to go and explore the universe and find himself.





A strong combined interest in surrealism, was at the foundations of his mind, as well as paradoxical relationships and multi spacial dimensions.

This led his mind to wander to alternate dimensions where he discovered a single idea is actually built from tens or hundreds of doorways, many of which have been journeys of another




On Tuesday, Gerbit discovered the hyperbolic State of York where he met a Gormley who wanted to take a photo, he said his camera can take images of his soul. Gerbit was intrigued as the Gormley seemed to connect with him on a micro-cellular level, he hoped that one day his work and practice would be as informed as the Gormley

The Gormley worked in a wide array of special fields, discovering his own form which seemed to defibrillate or become encased.


Later that day, whilst waiting for the spaceboat, Gerbit met transport officer Shiota who asked for a key to his thoughts, so he gave the only one he had, which was to his home. Afterwards he became homeless but more aware of his identity. Officer Shiota’s dimension of memory and things past appeared to be a parallel universe to Gerbits position of physical and mental movement; or restriction in the present.

Gerbit wondered how they could be so much the same, and yet, still the same.


After several sessions of alcoholic milk, on Wednesday his awareness of himself became clouded, he realised he

needed to displace himself from his many duties, to focus on becoming.


The Flyman took on multiple conversations of duality, the potentiality of transgenesis – possibly an undertone of biracialism and purity of self. Eugenics seemed to be a query in his journey of self.

The Flyman being jwish, infinitely clever, handsome and tall, appeared to become a stumpy, mangled hot mess after he teleported to the shops for some curry goat and rice.

Oddly his author granddad George Langelaan fought against the Nazi Eagles as a spycat which may have influenced his imaginings


And like a fly being reborn from its cocoon thing . he delved further into the beyond, although having lost much of his past life, he found a new beginning, having discovered a house that could not exist, situated on multiple dimensions.


He came upon the inspiring Navidson, who warned him of self referential paradigms opening networks into an abyss of unlearning, and the wisdom of landing on the moon once in a while to connect with reality.


Gerbit remembered his dad Pratchett, who after leaving diskworld he aided Tomas saraceno make cloud cities where peoplecats started to look at living in the sky. Being almost together, if but for their desire for ownership of air molecules, thankfully the supercats already did.




Gerbit was mad hype about Dan Flavin, but now exciting, progressive uses of flourescent light tubes. Human artist: Hitoshi Kuriyami light installations engages with the universes dimensions and physicality, almost the antithesis illustrating with light




Gerbit thinks he would make a cool supercat, if only he could stop looking at the unknown.

But the Patty understood Gerbit needed to align his chakras to see the infinite.






Gerbit continued to enquire on alternative ideas, he found the limitations of other cats thinking restricting his progress . Although he had multiple interests of anthropology, culture and identity this was not his shit. He decided to buy copies of National Geographic for those that wanted to learn stuff about regular cats.



Sadly, Gerbit understood how political his work was through his intention to defy social norms and convention.

but still…


The Cosby show defied social convention of being crooks, pimps and drug dealers through delivering a positive identity to challenge stereotypes. It also “gave permission“ for peoplecats of colour to take interest and enjoyment of cultural and social activities.  Alas since the end in 1991 there is yet to be another series like this. Art is now thought of as just music and dancing to much of the community.


Which help enforce stereotypes on the next generation to play on ignorance of the masses



Holding ownership to ones identity is a challenge, Gerbit continues to defy ignorance, understand himself and establish his title within the universe.




Ian Barrington (Gerbit)