Wasting time on the internet

Writes against the simplistic idea that we waste any time spent on the internet and explore how many possibilities it presents us

Low fi

“Low-resolution, or cool media, has a web based DIY ethos, one that invites you to customize, tinker with, and remix its artifacts.”

“Politically, she says, the strong image is on the side of “official” culture: capital and corporations. The “poor” image is on the side of “unofficial” culture: file sharing and individuals.”

Iphone art

Tangerine movie about trans sex worker shot entirely on an iphone. I think the low fi making of art based on real issues like gender and sex work are important to the messages that are being conveyed. Being a sex worker or trans are currently radical acts and the medium should imo be diy and anarchist

I use only Iphone apps and make art that doesnt cost money to make or take up space that costs money like with a studio etc. things that can be shared for free with an audience and archived for free. Making art about class and sex work accessable to people of low class and who do sex work is important to the art

My studio has become my phone.

This means i can make work when and where I want which is in itself a comment on classism and privilege because it allows for my hectic work schedule and lack of funds but also a comment on the art world and institutions that are elitest and inaccessable to some marginalised people.

Narcisstic show off

Andrea Frasor

A slut and a nut

A hooker with a heart of gold

Sex on screen with art collector, paid 20,000 to participate. Posing about the similarities between selling sex and selling work. More an institutional critique at the expense of sex workers because her work was deemed shocking and “unethical”

Keeping up to date with new apps and ways to manipulate or collect images with my phone is intergral to my practice and research

Like recently the app Vero which claimed to be the new instagram. I first saw it on twitter where a blogger claimed to be the forfront of a new movement and

days later people began to pick apart the app and the ethics of the creator/ceo and it went as fast as it came. This is a perfect example of how ephemeral the internet is and how quickly people attention and trends can come and go

Archiving- Joseph cornels boxes

Cornell though it was important to include his viewers in his boxes, which is why they often contain mirrors.” Joseph Cornell’s boxes.

I see our desktops and phone screens as modern day cornel boxes. We select what we want shown on the main screen and everyones in personalised to suit them. And instead of mirrors we have webcams, or images on us with friends or family as background where files and apps sit around organised or suitibly unorganised


Similar to how we have profile pictures on all our internet profiles that sit next to whatever we post. Narcissus. “(McLuhan) Now the point of this myth is the fact that men at once become fascinated by any extension of themselves in any material other than themselves.” If there’s a better description of the mechanics of social media, I don’t know it.”

Avatars- social media how we personalise our online presence through images

Prema Murthy BINDIGIRL

combining new media with performance and the material arts
Bindigirl is a web project that questions our growing relationship with distance and tele-erotics, tourism and intimacy. It is based on what the artist calls, Bindi, her “avatar” in screenal space. Bindi is a construct of fe/male desire, created out of what is deemed “exotic” and “erotic”.

When personal accounts are told their is selective memory and hidden details. When samuel pepys wrote about events in his diaries they where used to give context to historical events and details on his own private life.

In the book wasting time on the internet kenneth goldsmith wonders what it might be like to see the browser history of samuel and whether our browser histories could become memoirs

I like the idea of using the internet as an art making tool whether it is algorithms or letting audiences decide by polls, likes or retweets

Will coups is currently doing an online project where he shares dating profiles and lets followers vote to decide who he should talk to


I opened an instagram art gallery where I show a different artist every week. They self curate and post images under basic guidelines set out. These guidelines where to basically post all the photos in their camera roll in an effort to show their audience the things they deem important to archive and save but may not post.

The time slots are short and leave little time to prepare or promote their shows. The quick pace and consistency of the line up is a reflection of instagram and its constant stream of images and posters constant changes of aesthetics and persona. When I make visual work for my instagram account and zine submissions I take this into account. I try to remember the short term life span of anything on the internet and keep my work consise, short and aesthetically trendy.

Over the weeks peoples use of the space changes to suit the artists and their practice. I have made a short questionnaire to try and get feedback on how they felt about the experience which i want to use to write about the space. One thing I noticed was how every participant inserted themselves into their shows with selfies

“The beauty of the internet is that people can take things, and do what they want with them, to project what the want or feel.”

BRANDON Shu Lea Cheang

From the opening image of morphing gender signifiers, Cheang propels the viewer into a probing investigation of human sexuality. Combines images of once-live chat rooms and disembodied images of the human body.