‘Liberation’ clay and oil on canvas…which is a pigeon made out of clay and oil paint for the poop.


This is what I made one morning few days ago, it was the end (momentarily?) of my painting production, I have reached the end, I have celebrated the death of painting and after it’s funeral there was just blank canvas…with a poop on it as a liberation of all my previous thoughts, liberation from the past.


“and then one day BAM! I needed to get my head up and look up. What I was doing was not relevant to today It was old fashioned and nostalgic, I had to be in the now or I couldn’t make art about the world I lived in…”

From Damien Hirst’s Instagram blog.


What Hirst wrote on his blog is exactly what I was trying to explain to myself and it is the same hidden feeling I had these few months at the MA: I was hiding in the past, I felt disconnected from the world and to what was happening around me.


I might come back to paint and painting but for a different reason and meaning but for now with Liberation I draw a line with the past and I will focus on the present working on different media trying to confront myself with what the world will bring to me.


That’s it.


Marco Piemonte