Today  i focus on an artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd.

I like her work very much and give me a lot of inspiration.It is the creation that explores the boundaries of the art forms of painting, behavior, film, and sculpture, where various discordant elements are condensed and blended in the boundaries of large installations.In this process, the painting itself is conceived as a static, inclusive behavior, but also as a mobile entity, it can be reconfigured and reactivated.The concept of “mobility” is liberated from its typical limitations or norms as a symbol of inclusiveness and possibility, broader and more precise than traditional usage. And She won the Turner Prize in 2012 nomination.

I also want to be able to create an installation, to explore the boundaries of the art forms of painting, sculpture, installation, and to use new materials to express my ideas, such as devices made from familiar everyday objects. And imposing order on these materials is an artistic gesture– I’ve been collecting, stacking, arranging these everyday items recently, I think these actions reflect the basic impulses of humanity and the long tradition of art history. Post-minimalism, a series of structures, rooted in Robert Irwinn’s reductive vocabulary, Duchamp’s “current products” and Luo The combination of Bert Lawsenberg raised mass-produced objects to the state of artistic objects.Give  something symbolic.