So… this is what my artwork is about… (and more probably) no wonder they don’t get it (and why my brain hurts) Everything from graffiti to metaphysics, from secret societies to the idea of the singularity. While I see the connections, trying to explain all these things at once is an obvious impossibility….

With me the acquisition of knowledge through thought stirs up a kind of transcendental energy, the willingness to learn and understand that pushes me to read and write. One of my favourite philosophers Jason Silva puts it well in this video 

Hes got so much good energy for the exploration of knowledge and its contagious  its kind of what i want to do with my artwork… Stir peoples minds and ignite their souls… Still trying to work out how to do that.

His ‘Shots Of Awe’ pull you in they cross you over from the mundane and give you back the wonder and mystery of life

What I get from people like Silva and in the seeking of knowledge is whats known as ‘Braingasms’ or ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response)

(from wikipedia -ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterised by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”.)  A tingling sensation which some people seem to get from whispering and other soft actions. Where as I get it from things like discovering a book which solidifies the thoughts I am having, I also often get it in the throws of a painting and also from music(which apparently 50% of the population also experience more information can read here It also seems to have some sort of link to the spiritual idea of kundalini energy which I am still finding out about.

But… Im finding that not all get ‘braingasms’ from finding things out… Often I’ve been met with indifference when trying to convey these ideas.

So i think im at a cross roads… Do i want people to think,feel or forget?

For starters I think theres enough forgetting happening already so… lets take that out of the equation for now. When I ‘think’ about it what comes first? The chicken or the egg? I believe it was the feeling that came first and the thought and the quest for the explanation of the feeling came after.

I the last week or so I have been to the ‘Vita Peacock: Wanting Everything Without Owning It’ (which I may go into in more detail in a later post) and ‘FLUX Events: Transcendence’ (which I will also go into in more detail in a later post)

Vita Peacock has a forthcoming book Through the Looking Mask: Anonymous as Digital Initiation which talks through her study of the Anonymous Movement the activist group in the UK. Thinking about Anonymous, the solidarity and occupy movement and social movements in general this is obviously a big part of what I am trying to convey, the idea of a movement; a spiritual revolution in my case. Peacock brings up the idea of ‘wearing the mask of unmasking’ and mentioned that some of the people within Anonymous suddenly becoming aware that things arent as they are being told they are. And through the process of ‘becoming anonymous’ they are awakening

To continue this idea the FLUX event ‘Transcendence’ ( challenges the idea put forward by Sztabinski in the paper ‘The Margins Of Transcendence In Contemporary Art’ that contemporary art ‘does not seek to express transcendent reality’ and again listening to all the artists talk about their work what I felt conveyed the idea of the transcendental the most were the artists/projects that created an experience for the viewer. These included

BlackMoon1348 – whom I have performed with, create a sonic mystical experience with the use of traditional tibetan instruments coupled with contemporary instruments and electric drones. (we have developments on the horizon including video mapping and sensors)

Tinderdust – 
Whom create an interstellar experience with the use of holographic technology

Maria Almena – Kimatica –

Whom creates a kind of transcendental experience through neo/techno shamanistic rituals with the use of lights, video mapping, sensors and scent and also working with neuroscientists, documenting this with bio feedback and neural sensors reading brain activity. With the idea that the only way to get a transcendental experience in the time where everything is moving so fast and our senses are in constant barrage is to create sensory overload.

Sean Rogg / The Waldorf Project – 

A radical immersive art performance ‘on a grand stage in which art is consumed through all of the senses.’ creating emotional experiences with the use of psychological trauma, through things like strangling and suffocation, shame and again sensory overload, proceeding to a ‘come down’ period of relaxation and reflection.

So with all this in mind … As my to previous attempts to relay the feeling I get while listening to music, while exploring the fabric of reality and while painting through the resulting paintings, installation and film was creating a barrier between the experience and the viewer. I am now in the process of moving from the presentation of knowledge/thought, to the attempt to making a more immersive transcendental experience with the hope that people can later reflect and seek themselves.

Blair Zaye