“Creativity is the power of rejecting the past, to change the status quo and to seek new potential. Creativity is the power to act.” Ai Weiwei


I am reading Ai Weiwei blogs/writings and together with his activism-art I start to feel how much power we can have as artists when we are free from our secluded studio practice, when we finally use the power of words and acts to speak to the world instead of limiting ourselves within a canvas mounted on a frame and use our creativity as power to act in our society for our society or against it.

The artist holding a brush in his solitude is a nostalgic and romantic picture for books, artist identity has now shifted: artists have become ideas liberated from manual labor.


Yes I know I can talk and say whatever I want on a canvas but in this modern era where life is schizophrenic and where we are able to get any type of information all time and do/make thousands things more than the human being could have ever imagined 20 years ago I really feel as an artist I cannot reduce my practice to one and only medium.


I am not just a painter anymore as I used to say when meeting people at openings etc etc, now it would go more like this:

  • Hi nice to meet you I am an artist
  • Ah, what sort of art you make?
  • Relevant art, risk-taking art, ambitious art.



Marco Piemonte