Tamara Henderson – Seasons End : More Than Suitcases




While I was traveling, I accidentally bumped into a gallery in Dublin.

A really weird figure like, strange earthy palette caught my sight immediately. It truly gave me a felling that sculpture like art work is telling me a story by showing the costume. I enjoyed the elemental ornament in each work, they gave me the hint of the theme and the details revealed the content.


I love traveling and I was traveling. When I saw the title ” More than suitcases”, It thrilled me. To be honest, the art works witch  as tall as a human were quite creepy at the first glimpse. They were standing in a specific position as if they were having  religious ceremony. But then I found them attractive because of the open-arms pose and so many little details it’s like the pins on the backpack or the stickers on the suitcase, it’s full of stories.





I really like those ” passport ” tied on their feet, which are like a dairy full of memories. Also, I like the way the artist used costume as her word and travel as her context to tell her story.









She is like the god of her world, she used memories and creativities create her own people, and the whole gallery is her world. The way she curated the art works is like a bunch of dancing people.






I really like the way she used collage and fused different cultural element with vary materials.

It gave me a feeling of  modern nomads.





In the end of the exhibition,

there is a vehicle upturned on a gallery wall, which is a vigor and powerful ending,

full of surprises and gave me a space of imagination.